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Spy sunglasses were created around the 90s, by a group of passionate athletes who wanted the look of their sunglasses to reflect originality, innovation and technology, in a comfortable and easy-to-use design.

Since its creation the different models of SPY+ sunglasses are characterized by having a free, creative and fresh style, ideal for different looks and different types of users. Their design features make them versatile accessories ideal for those who want to reflect in their look an irreverent and jovial personality.

As for the sports industry, SPY sunglasses, due to their characteristics, have a wide trajectory of preference for professional athletes such as cyclists, motorcyclists, car pilots, highlighting their presence in racing. Its most loyal users indicate that the SPY+ sunglasses are accessories capable of transmitting the energy and vitality that are also part of their personality.

What sets SPY apart?

The original and classic design features for the SPY+ brand are usually similar, although, each new model comes with an avant-garde design adapted to current trends, as well as always trying to improve in terms of user comfort. They usually carry on both rods the name and/or the iconic "+" sign of the brand; they are also mostly made of high quality acetate or materials such as Grilamid, to ensure their durability.

Being glasses with so much style, it was expected that women and men wanted to use them equally, so they did not delay in designing women's SPY sunglasses, or failing that, models and colors that are functional for all types of users. With a good price and quality ratio you can find in Optimal Optic a wide variety of models.

One of the most outstanding and important features when choosing SPY sunglasses, consists of its high resistance to impacts and being glasses that have ultraviolet protection up to 99%. This last feature has made a difference when it comes to glasses, as it is focused on preserving the health of the wearer's eye

When it comes to safety, security, fashion and style, SPY+ leads the way. Some models include, a type of additional treatment called "polarized lens" that is able to reduce and even eliminate the reflection that reaches the eye from the ground, which provides sharpness and protection, ideal elements for high altitude sports such as mountaineering.

Within its variety of styles, one of the most common are the black SPY sunglasses, which are still the favorite of many who want to use the same accessory on different occasions, as it is very versatile and easy to combine.

Other of the most popular models include the SPY Helm 2 sunglasses, which according to their users, provide classic style and comfort, and the SPY Cyrus sunglasses whose shape is more square and thick and are also made with Grilamid, a lightweight material, for daily use and quite flexible, which makes them resistant and durable glasses.