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This brand that bears the name Bollé represents in a very clear and forceful way how to advance in the business of sunglasses. How is it that it can continue at the top within the existing firms and remain current within this issue and business. The Bollé sunglasses are the brand that always remained faithful to making glasses, both sunglasses, safety, sports, prescription and more.

If you are attracted to this type of glasses, products and style then continue reading about Bollé sunglasses and everything that these great sunglasses have for you.

Wide variety of models in sunglasses by Bollé

Big brands like Bollé Brands tend to innovate. For this reason it is that within their advertising and merchandise campaigns we can notice a concurrent phrase "More than 130 years innovating" which does it justice, since clearly that they have done all this time through their sunglasses.

Next, we will explain shortly a few models in sunglasses made by Bollé, after reading this you will surely want to get one of the many existing types.

● Bollé Shifter sunglasses

This model made by the Bollé brand is undoubtedly the best option to start. Unlike other kinds of sunglasses this is a combination and improved version of the Chronoshield, in this case they are called Shifter.

Its design and form is understood as follows; ventilated lenses accompanied by curved sideburns that are made with quality materials. They are durable and aesthetic to dress in the best way. One of its many advantages is that it is a model that has UV protection and is light to use comfortably.

● Bollé Graphite sunglasses.

Another of the many types of sunglasses that the Bollé brand has in its repertoire are the Graphite glasses that have very innovative characteristics; this kind of glasses are usually used for sailors and diving at short depths or extremely cold climates. In this way they go on to provide visual clarity, accompanied by protection from UV rays and could not miss the durability that they have.

It is easy to find them in different colors and shades of lenses, without a doubt they deserve to be mentioned within the great revelations of Bollé sunglasses.

● Bollé polarized sunglasses

Polarized glasses can be found in various models, which are available for both ladies and gentlemen. In addition to complying with both functionalities, that is, they provide a touch of style at an aesthetic level and protect the view 100% from ultraviolet rays thanks to their extra polarized sheet.

This type of sunglasses and the Bollé sunglasses UK are easy to find since of course, on our website Optimal Optic you will get them with the best price on the market and in varied colors.

Bollé demonstrates his quality-quantity in sport>

● Bollé cycling sunglasses

The products for athletes in terms of helmets, protection and sunglasses have increased and one of the most benefited athletes are cyclists who have different types of sunglasses at their choice. Among some models we can see the Chronoshield, the C-Shifter, in turn the Shifter that we have mentioned above and the Bolt that we will describe below and in more detail.

● Bollé Bolt sunglasses

Bollé's big and massive commitment to adding equipment to athletes has always existed and Bolt sunglasses are proof of that. This is a classic model but improved with durability, flexibility provided with a photochromic lens and UV protection. Made specifically for cyclists and lovers of this sport.

● Bollé tennis sunglasses

The vast majority of sunglasses that are usually chosen by tennis players have similar characteristics. These include, for example: adjustable to the face, lightweight, easy to store and with protection against high falls. As well as protecting the view from the sun and in turn giving clarity, which can be a great advantage for a tennis match.

Safety and prescription glasses are not far behind

● Bollé safety sunglasses

For some time now Bollé Brands has been launching a line of protective or safety glasses. This great idea comes from the hand of covering several areas of heavy work that can cause injuries or that happen to spoil the eyesight. For example, such as constructions, blinding light, constant use of medical and military equipment.

Due to this, a line has been created that allows to give full protection to the vision, fulfilling the work and satisfying in terms of protection. They have a wide variety of designs that go hand in hand with different functions, all for the convenience of the client.

● Bollé prescription sunglasses

For this last mention we must talk about Bollé sunglasses UK that can bring with them prescription sunglasses according to your formula and type of visual impairment. To continue with this type of sunglasses there are several models such as those that are foldable, those that come with metal frame and strip to hold more precisely.