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Oliver Peoples

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The Oliver Peoples sunglasses are exquisite as they manage to combine elements of the fields such as sport, film, art and fashion in each of their frames.

Following closely in their footsteps, we can indicate that the Oliver Peoples firm will have an extensive list of very famous consumers. From personalities like Robert Downey Jr. Leonardo DiCaprio to Barack Obama, everyone enjoys the quality that Oliver Peoples sunglasses can offer.

Your sunglasses are going to attract attention for having a certain geeky air with frames made of plastic and air. Do you want metallic style? You can also appreciate the quality of the Oliver Peoples sunglasses with their respective clip-on system and thus enjoy maximum protection against UV rays.

Manly, timeless and fashionable spirit

The Oliver Peoples men's sunglasses collection stands out thanks to the finishes and colors that remain in line with current trends. If you want to boast of a refined, unique, exquisite and exclusive style, these are the lenses you have been looking for.

Oliver Peoples men's sunglasses can be photochromic, polarized and available in a wide range of colors. Exclusive to the same brand. In turn, the use of this technology will find advanced materials so that the lenses allow the filtration of sunlight effectively. This way your vision will be much sharper and with a resolution of both color and contrast.

One of the lenses you should try, are the Oliver Peoples Sheldrake sun that offer a more intellectual design and that clearly owe their inspiration to the art and personality of Andy Warhol. The models of this firm usually embody the experience and spirit of the 50s and 60's achieving a more timeless character and with iconic style in their frames.

Choose and design your style

On the other hand, if you want sunglasses that have a more sober look and with modern edges, we can recommend the Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck sunglasses in different shades, and if you want to bet on something much more concise, the Gregory Peck with semi-matte black tone.

If you are a person of simple tastes and who enjoys being a free spirit, those who maintain this temper are the Oliver Peoples Fairmont sunglasses. Their pristine appearance give the feeling of being very delicate glasses, but their durable frame and elegant designs will give you the quality and resistance you expect from them.

One of the most outstanding features of these sunglasses is that their lenses are covered with a beautiful green tone. Which matches its thin frame of acetate in transparent beige tone. But if you are a person of demanding tones, you can also buy this model in blue, dark gray, brown, dark blue and black glasses.

People love this type of glasses thanks to the beautiful play of tones that they will have. Another model that we can recommend are the Oliver Peoples O'Malley sunglasses so that you can combine your outfit with a more polished, incredible style that allows you to surprise your friends.

Modeled and with a frame made of acetate, these sunglasses became popular because they were worn by the Los Angeles Dodgers team, thanks to their owner at the time: Peter O'Malley. Today they continue to be one of the most recognized and iconic glasses in the industry. These currently have a modern touch that allow better protection for sunlight.