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Mr. Boho

Mr. Boho

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The Mr Boho sunglasses have been growing exponentially in terms of popularity and of course, we could not miss the opportunity to show them.

If you want to know a little more about the brand, we tell you that it was born for the summer of 2012 and lays its creative foundations as a company thanks to 4 young Spaniards. Seeing that there was no demand and supply in terms of mirror-type sunglasses, so they decided to create their own brand. This is how Mr Boho sunglasses are born.

They themselves explain that the name "Mr. Boho" will come from "Bohochic" which means the union of the elegant and the casual. Among the features that stand out from the Mr Boho sunglasses is that a large part of its frames are classic cut and with bold tones or colors to bring some character to the people who use this brand.

Sunglasses at an excellent price and with Italian quality

If we delve a little deeper into the Mr Boho sunglasses Price we can inform you that these sunglasses you will be able to find them at an affordable price and that they will not neglect their quality at all. You will notice that in the packaging they indicate to be glasses "Made in Italy".

This is because the creators of this firm wanted to rely on an optic of experience: The Italian and thus give guarantee from end to end with respect to the various quality standards.

Take advantage of the essence of the brand for men

Now we go a little deeper into the protection that Mr Boho Men's sunglasses can give you and we are pleased to inform you that they are made of polycarbonate with a level 3 protection. This is what makes you an excellent bet if you are looking for sunglasses that allow you to be protected and look stylish.

Its creators were aware that the quality of sunglasses has to fulfill a function that goes beyond an aesthetic issue. So health becomes an important topic and they are only responsible for selling sunglasses of excellent quality.

A proof of this can be seen with the Mr Boho Dalston sunglasses which stands out for being a round sunglasses that mixes part of the circular perfection with a very retro style, managing to find a very own stylized and that summarizes the essence of the brand perfectly.

Women will also have their place in the company

Before continuing, it is important to know that the 1st collection launched by the Mr. Boho brand would maintain the trends that were at the time and always opted for mirror type lenses although currently you can notice that they also include other lenses. Which shows that they are constantly renewing their collection.

Women are still present and Mr Boho Hayes sunglasses are precisely proof of this. These have a Cat-eye type mount that lately cause furor in women and where the lines will soften and enhance their graceful shape.

But do not let the latter make you fall into a mistake, because thanks to the strong presence that these sunglasses impose, you will not go unnoticed. And for more classic tastes, we can indicate that the Mr Boho Jordaan sunglasses are going to be the favorites.

They were created with classic, versatile and representative sunglasses in mind, although carrying a much more stylized and simple touch. Other models have more modernized shapes. To know much more about what Mr Boho has for you, do not miss the catalog that only Optimal Optic has for you with great offers.