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Christian Dior, born in a city in France, a peculiar history that begins around 1905 in the heart of a family of high social level. His love and devotion for art led him in 1935 to start selling fashion sketches to different Parisian sewing houses and thanks to this venture he was hired as a designer in companies in the city. Although the great leap came five years later when Marcel Boussac, the great textile entrepreneur, decided to finance Christian Dior's sewing house. This is how this young designer was integrated little by little into the world of fashion, in 1947 he launched his first collection and it was a success. Soon the international press gave it a place of importance in its headlines, which helped to spread the work of Dior and give popularity to the firm. In 1949 he opened his first boutique in New York City and soon became the largest fashion exporter in the world. Unfortunately in 1957 he died and after his death they knew how to recover from the tragedy with changes of managers and signings of the best designers from around the world, to the current Raf Simons. To thus be one of the most exclusive brands with the most top accessories such as sunglasses and others.

The Dior sunglasses are unique, daring pieces, with a completely groundbreaking design and always according to the latest trends. Made with the most innovative materials to create totally exclusive collections, just like the Dior Hombre models.


Among all his designs, he has some star models with which numerous celebrities such as Rihanna, Karolina Kurnikova, Olivia Palermo, and many of the most influential bloggers out there.

  • Dior SoReal: sunglasses with an innovative, attractive and exclusive design. Others are the Dior Lady sunglasses, with more straight lines and very feminine.
  • Dior Technologic: have a design very close to the So Real but leaving the crystals more free. And finally the sunglasses
  • Dior Abstract are more daring lenses. Combine Havana and leopard prints in different colors as well as eye-catching lenses and chords to the latest trends, without a doubt the must have of the moment.
  • Dior Reflected

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