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Prada sunglasses are not only distinctive in the market for their high quality standards, they also offer a great perspective towards style. So, if you're looking for an unconventional interpretation that respects tradition, look no further than Prada's collection.

In Optimal Optic we present a catalog full of Prada sunglasses for women as well as for men. Each of these models offer the most refined style and at the same time take care of your eyes without giving up the latest trends.

If you have always wanted to have beautiful Prada sunglasses at the best price, it is time to look in our optician.

Origins of Prada

The Prada brand is synonymous with style and glamour. In its early years it started as a family business, but today it is one of the big firms.

This fashion house was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada. Year after year his designs and products were the cause of the sensation in the clientele. In his two establishments in Milan he manufactured and sold trunks, bags, suitcases and shoes.

However, after the arrival of Miuccia Prada, granddaughter of the founder of the brand, it took a 180-degree turn. Taking the brand to a new level.

Today Prada is also responsible for bringing glamorous and elegant Prada symbole sunglasses to market. In models available for both women and men. They are internationally recognized, representing the sophisticated and informal style of the Italian upper class.

Sunglasses for all styles and personalities

The Prada sunglasses come to combine careful, elegant and daring designs to achieve the balance between sophistication and simplicity.

Given its different shades and frames made of different materials, you will not go wrong with your purchase. Whether you are looking for Prada sunglasses for women or men, this brand has a range of glasses that will go well with your style.

Available in

combinations of shades

that go beyond the basic designs, such as White Prada sunglasses or Black Prada sunglasses. This line of sunglasses also offers subtle colors that combine perfectly with current fashion trends. Some of them are the Blue Prada sunglasses, red, orange or even pink.

Among the best rated Prada glasses frames that you find in our optics are:

Prada Round sunglasses. This Prada model is aimed at both men and women. You will find glasses with Lennon aesthetics but also large frames and even avant-garde lines in the design of the temples.

Prada Square sunglasses. For many they are the object of desire, given their avant-garde and chic design. Able to generate another level of flattering style and at the same time are easy to combine.

Prada Irregular sunglasses. They guarantee a fresh touch, but without being daring glasses. By having right angles it easily breaks the classic round mount.

Prada Oval sunglasses. A style that feels great for all types of faces, even if you want to achieve a more stylized effect this model is ideal.

Prada Butterfly sunglasses. It stands out for its innovative and very flattering designs. You will come across large retro-style glasses, even the most minimalist.

Prada Aviator sunglasses. They are classic and elegant, so they are undoubtedly the right choice to be Prada sunglasses for men.

Prada Cat Eye sunglasses. This style of cat's eye glasses is the delight of the public. You will find from models for women with a very careful and chic aesthetic, to glasses for men of sports influence and glamour.

Prada sunglasses for women and men have a relationship between quality, avant-garde and price. No matter what model you choose, it will be the complement to highlight your style and feel attractive.

The Prada sunglasses for men on the other hand seek to generate an elegant and stylish character. Given the wide variety of styles, colors and models allow you to easily choose the frame that most attracts you. A clear example is the Blue Prada rectangular sunglasses, which can be combined with any garment.

In the case of Prada sunglasses for women have also managed to position themselves as the indispensable complement for any fashion lover. In addition to protecting your eyesight, it will help you get the best out of your outfits throughout the year. Not surprisingly, you will always find the right time to wear them as the Black Prada sunglasses cat's eye that will complement your style.

In Optimal Optic we put at your disposal an online catalog with more than 400 models of Prada sunglasses. Many of them have been the vest value of the brand, they are available at an unbeatable price, as well as the best quality for both men and women.

Original Prada Sunglasses 100%

Each of the Prada sunglasses, whether for men or women, stand out for their unique style and designs. But likewise the prestigious brand guarantees the quality in the materials used and in all its finishes. Hence, they are an ideal accessory to complement our style both in summer and throughout the year.

Being such a prestigious brand, it may be feasible that we come across fake Prada sunglasses. The distinction of an original model or a copy is crucial to preserve the health of our eyes. Since a correct choice ensures that we keep our eyes protected, by exposing it to harmful UV radiation.

Fake sunglasses initially become easier to acquire and cheaper, but they can damage the eyes in many ways. Dark glasses make our pupils dilate and the sun's rays easily reach our eyes. Thus, they do not offer adequate protection against the sun's rays. Some tricks to detect fake Prada sunglasses are:

Check the logo. Close attention should be paid to Prada symbole sunglasses

. On the original sunglasses the logo may be unmistakable, but especially the letter R. Also, this logo is engraved on the left lens.

Check the lenses. The models of the latest collections include a serial number. This is engraved on the right.

Certificate of authenticity and guarantee. If the product does not come with the certificate of authenticity, the seller should be asked. This voucher must include the name of the Prada brand, information about the materials of the glasses and say Made in Italy.

Case. The glasses also have to come with a Prada-branded box. It has to be of high quality and resistant. Its interior should be soft and include a cloth for the lenses.

In Optimal Optic you will find at your disposal New Prada original sunglasses.

Prada sunglasses found in Optimal Optic at the best price

Quality should not be at odds with price. Therefore, in our online optics as well as in physical stores we have the best offers on Prada sunglasses. Discover the models of Prada glasses that are available in our catalog and enjoy the unmistakable style that this Italian brand has for you.

Each of their designs stand out for their design, but behind it hides the dedication of the brand to bring them to market. Prada has always been right in the careful choice of its materials, which when combined in an impeccable manufacturing process, generate optimal results.

So, do not miss the combinations of shapes and colors offered by the brand in each of its sunglasses collections. Its frames are unique for each type of face, you will even find those made in ultra-modern symmetrical shapes such as White Prada sunglasses. Where elegance and fashion are very well combined.

At Optimal Optic you will always enjoy the best price on Prada sunglasses.

To know the models available in our optics, you can search through our website or in each of our physical opticians. There you will find the latest in sunglasses of this tempting brand.

In case of making the purchase from our website, just access the page, recognize the type of frame you want and follow some steps. The delivery of the product takes between 24 and 48 hours and you can pay them in cash. In addition, ou always have the hand of experts to acquire your glasses and clarify doubts.

So, with a single click you will have the opportunity to wear the prestigious New Prada sunglasses at a very good price. Even these accessories will have a two-year warranty.

Once you look at our catalog, choose the model that meets your tastes and at the same time you will enjoy the combination of health and style.

Do not forget to make your choice to protect your sight and at the same time show your elegance and natural charm.