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The mythical sunglasses of the Serengeti brand belong to the most important American company in the country and the world, and here at Optimal Optic it is essential to provide you with these Serengeti sunglasses.

Brief history of the brand

Its history began with Corning Inc. which is an American multinational company specializing in the creation of crystals and special glasses, its creation dates back to 1851.

In 1877 Corning patented what would be a durable lens, with improved mechanics and thermals, being since then references in the subject. Then you come to the year 1912 when they created a borosilicate crystal that withstood any change in temperature.

Many years passed and the company developed a glass in 1967 that shared the best of both previous technologies and thus the photochromic borosilicate glass was born that would revolutionize the entire ophthalmic industry.

The creation of Serengeti Eyewear

The years continued to pass and this is how in the year 1980 the spectral technology was born, which improved the contrasts and improved the blue color simultaneously. Two years later, spectral technology was combined with photochromic technology in a single lens.

Already thinking of dedicating itself to a single specific area, Serengeti was born to cover the need of the market to provide glasses that take serious care of the health of the eyes. In 1985 serengei Eyewear was born, launching the Serengeti sunglasses in different models and shapes.

To this day, innovation has not stopped by presenting very ingenious solutions for eye care. Serengeti is perhaps one of the brands with more history compared to other brands, already having in its palmares 140 years of research and development of sunglasses, since its invention.

A superior lens and a sleek design in a single product

The history of Serengeti may be a bit long, but it is very interesting, since it was a company that remained and always remains at the forefront even with the passage of time, and currently offer products with incredible technologies

Which allows them to stand out from the competition, and here at Optimal Optic you will find sunglasses at an unbeatable price and with different presentations to choose from. If we place some pretty cool designs that comply with the previously mentioned technologies, we would have the Serengeti prescription sunglasses

On the other hand, you can also make use of the Serengeti polarized sunglasses to check the quality and take care of the health of the eyesight, while at the same time it can be seen with elegance and class

Presentation of sunglasses for women

Different models of magazine not only use accessories because they look great, but to look somewhat more discreet on the street, and what better with special Serengeti ladies sunglasses for all occasions.

With interesting and beautiful models such as the Serengeti Bianca sunglasses, which come in different colors, where Serengeti polarized sunglasses are also presented to take advantage of all the patented technologies of the brand.

For any professional

The Serengeti prescription sunglasses are a product of quality and value, with them you get comfort and convenience when using them, in order to enjoy an unprecedented view while protecting your vision. These sunglasses perfectly reflect American culture, together with the best sense of aesthetics, quality and design.

Its technology is simply superior for the years of research and development with which it tells its history as a specialized company gives an extra quality to all its products.

Modern technology and design that revolutionizes the entire market

These glasses are characterized by providing maximum protection against glare at certain times of the day. Other important positive aspects, such as polarization technology, which allows you to see with higher quality, while eliminating eye fatigue.

That annoying glare and reflections that stay on the road, or that are in the snow and the sea, will have the opportunity to evade them if you use these glasses purchased from our website.

The Serengeti sunglasses are an innovative product, which we could not leave aside, and that everyone should try, and to facilitate it, we leave you with our online shopping services, fast and direct, with all the necessary services to receive the product without problems.

Easy and fast online shopping

We as experts in the industry offering quality sunglasses, we offer you incredible prices to acquire any of these products previously mentioned. Do not worry because we take care that your shopping experience is the best with accompanying services.

From the secure payment, to the parcel service to deliver your product to the door of your house in a time not exceeding 48 hours. A product brought directly from the factories, totally original with the quality and prices published.

Do not miss the opportunity to buy the highest quality sunglasses for an affordable price than other online websites and that do not offer shipping services