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The well-known Italian brand Bottega Veneta known for its famous leather bags, presents a collection of prescription glasses with perfect finishes, which highlight its elegance, quality and discretion.

This famous Italian brand that has worked with leather since 1966, after the small crisis it had during 1990, decided to enter the world of ready-to-wear, jewelry, glasses and furniture, all of them created in an artisanal way.


The majority of Bottega Veneta eyeglass frames have square and rectangular shapes, although others such as aviator or round ones are also found. Some of them show in the pin a very characteristic detail of the firm such as braiding, a sign that Tomas Maier devised.

Bottega Veneta prescription glasses have different styles where you can choose the one that best suits your style, in addition to having a wide range of colors. The way they make this famous Italian brand of glasses is to use high quality material such as paste and metal and present perfect finishes made with great delicacy.


Bottega Veneta glasses are perfect to accompany any style, thanks to their finesse, style, elegance and distinction. If you plan to buy prescription glasses but can't find the style that best suits your everyday life, Bottega Veneta is your brand of prescription glasses.

Bottega Veneta glasses are perfect for both men and women. On our website you will find the ideal mount model for your face, in addition to having different prices. Do not hesitate and take advantage of our offers and discounts to choose the one you like best and be able to save on your favorite frame.


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