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Safilo an Italian brand dedicated to creating frames sports glasses and sunglasses for all occasions, and here at Optimal Optic, we show you our special selection of this manufacturer

Brief history of the Safilo brand

The man responsible for bringing up the name Safilo was Guglielmo Tabacchi who bought a production site to found the eyewear company.

After settling locally within Italy, where they still live, they decided to expand to more European places.

With the arrival of the Second World War forced them to produce only one type of glasses, but at the end of this, international operations were resumed, and it was that they reached places like Rome, Milan and the United States.

For the year 1974 the founder of Safilo dies leaving a great legacy and family business, which since then has made many changes and acquired small manufacturers of glasses and thus be able to offer the Safilo sunglasses.

Acquire a Safilo model that goes according to your personality

To make things easier for you is that we are here at Optimal Optic offering you at an excellent price the models of Safilo sunglasses which have their own personality and great designs.

Currently the manufacturing process goes from the artisanal, where impressive details are achieved such as those seen in the various models, full of vibrant and elegant colors at the same time.

Safilo sunglasses Price vary depending on the design. There are some cheaper, others made with different materials so their price is higher.

Taking this into account, you will find models such as the Safilo Clip On sunglasses to put them on their conventional glasses and thus turn them into sunglasses, thus achieving sun protection in the eyes, even being a myopic person.

Interesting models that redefine the sunglasses market

In Safilo and here at Optimal Optic we know that vintage fashion is always a trend, or at least it never ceases to be a favorite standard for many, so the Safilo vintage sunglasses are ideal to recreate the image of past years, without losing modernity.

Choosing the perfect model of Safilo sunglasses will always depend on the person, but at the same time that they can be advised correctly.

In addition, designs and models such as Safilo Clip On sunglasses and Safilo vintage sunglasses are also usually offered for the client to try and determine, which best suits their face and of course their tastes.

Italian quality and design

It has always been known that in Italy, there are maximum exponents and exploiters of the fashion market, whether this textile or accessories. Many are the celebrities who launch a product line and find great reception from these markets despite their competition, which also tends to be wide.

In the same way, we can give you a dream Italian design and even affordable price with all the comforts and services required to buy any Safilo sunglasses. Let us be your trusted supplier, try even the Safilo prescription sunglasses to understand the superior quality we are talking about, we are experts and have many years of experience offering sunglasses.