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Maui Jim

Maui Jim

There are 357 products.

What can you expect from a brand whose motto is “Wrapped in color and comfort”? Simply something authentic, colorful and refined, that's what Maui Jim sunglasses are all about. Within its characteristics, you will be able to find protection against sunlight and paradisiacal vibes that you will not find again in other glasses.

Starting in the 80's, being a company that will strengthen its revolution through a colorful, relentless business vision that serves many other firms as a symbol of inspiration.

Taking into account that the Maui Jim sunglasses have also included the PoloraizedPlus 2 in their manufacture, which is a protection technology.

It will serve to combat glare and UV rays, but without losing that visual clarity that makes it stand out so much. If you want protection, good vibes and the essence of an island paradise, then you should buy Maui Jim sunglasses.

Premium quality and spectacular tones

Going into what the quality of the brand is, we can assure you that the Maui Jim sunglasses for men are a true guarantee of protective glasses. All its models are polarized, with fluid designs and exceptional quality.

The best part is that the firm itself will include a variety of options to choose from for the style you want. So there are no problems if you are looking for sports, casual, simple or classic glasses. Whatever you are looking for in the Maui Jim sunglasses for men collection, you will find it here at Optima Optic with excellent prices.

Superior craftsmanship and contemporary design

For women there are also exquisite collections that are worth it. All their glasses are made under strict artisan standards. Likewise, the designs comply with a contemporary style and will always try to be a perfect attraction for the gaze.

To this we can add that the Maui Jim sunglasses for women's collection are extraordinary. Added to what we have told you, the vision of care and style comes in equal parts, this is because the Maui Jim sunglasses for women's are going to have multi-layer lenses.

What will keep you protected while you shine in the lives of others and vibrate with the same shade of colors..

For all types and scenarios available

If you allow us, one of the strong suggestions to take into account are the Maui Jim polarized sunglasses that will not only combine technology with the spirit of the island of Hawaii, but also have style.

Being these glasses provided with a unique style, we indicate that all polarized sunglasses will have the anti-reflective coating type (A/R) on the reverse part of their lens.

So you must take this into account before making a purchase decision, in turn, it will be what makes you stand out from many other sunglasses.

These characteristics that stand out from the Maui Jim polarized sunglasses you will not find in any other. Not to mention the shades and vibrant colors they have, they are a real wonder to look at.

In another order of ideas, we recommend you buy the Maui Jim sport sunglasses that, in addition to having modern touches, allow you to practice the sport of your choice while protecting your vision.

That is what the firm is about, creating products that not only make the person look good, but also ensure their visual health. All this while feeling that you have the best style. Buy your Maui Jim sport sunglasses with confidence, you won't regret it.