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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

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Online Calvin Klein Sunglasses

Do you want timeless, classic, innovative and revealing sunglasses? Calvin Klein has created the sunglasses collection made for you. The Calvin Klein sunglasses have been designed with rectangular lines, butterfly shapes and classic models adapted to new times. The Calvin Klein eyewear offers a new, bold and attractive look to any fashion ensemble.

Who is Calvin Klein?

Calvin Richard Klein is an American fashion designer who created his own firm in 1968. A gigantic company spanning Europe and America.

Simplicity and minimalist lines are the hallmarks of Calvin Klein's identity, but this creator, who has long been the king of the American gateway, has another secret weapon: he knows how to provoke.

He was the first to turn lingerie and jeans into fashion items. But not only because Calvin Klein has been able to revolutionize the world of advertising with its frequently controversial ads.

Klein has received six awards from the Council of American Fashion Designers.

Calvin Klein for men and women

The Calvin Klein eyewear includes models designed specifically for men and women. The Calvin Klein women's sunglasses are remarkable thanks to their very glamorous lines and their style. Klein believes in the independent and confident woman, elegant for any occasion.

The Calvin Klein men's sunglasses are remarkable for their sobriety and unique style. An innovative man who knows how to combine classic fashion with the innovation of new trends.

Visit our online store to find your Calvin Klein sunglasses. There is a model made especially for you. What are you waiting for! Your satisfaction is the motivation of our work.


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