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The Norriss sunglasses belong to an exquisite collection of sunglasses that exude elegance and divinity. This style will delight a person looking to have a classic look and full of style. Having its manufacture in Spain and becoming one of the best alternatives to complement your image, its quality is one of the best currently.

We must mention that Norriss sunglasses protect you and take care of the sun's rays. Therefore the design of these sunglasses is captivating and with a spectacular stylization. We will not go into details, it is better that you check it for yourself when buying these sunglasses.

If you want to use an accessory that is worthwhile and that can serve as a complement to your image, we indicate that the Norriss sunglasses will be perfectly what you expect and much more.

Designed to bring style to men

What is the first thing you would think if we told you that these glasses are handmade? Perhaps, you think that they are made in a very authentic way and that they pay attention to details. But in addition to this, the striking thing about Norris men's sunglasses is that they are made based on leather.

As you read it, these sunglasses have allowed the brand to earn a reputation that stands out above many others. This is because the company had done arduous and concrete research to be able to elevate a simple product to another level.

Providing quality for the female sector

The frames of the Norris women's sunglasses will be presented with the leather of the most exceptional quality and in turn, in various shades. The whole process is carried out mainly in Galicia, the exact place where the artisans will meet.

Of course, we indicate that these sunglasses are not going to be exaggerated at all. Only that they will have a unique and exclusive touch that other glasses on the market will not have.

The frames are formed thanks to a couple of pieces of vegetable tanned cow leather, without any acid. In case you don't know, this process will help tann the skin with tannin. The latter mentioned is organic matter that will correspond to its natural form in the bark of some trees such as oak or chestnut.

Norriss is not far behind in styling and representation

Being a firm that recently amalgamates fame and strength, little by little it has been possible to promote itself with sunglasses that every collection should take into account. One of the classics and favorites by many, is the case of the Norriss aviator sunglasses that give that exquisite vintage style that people still love.

Another of the flagships of the brand has to do with the Norriss round sunglasses that deliver a slightly more modern touch. Likewise, it should be noted that all its models will have a body made of leather, and we believe faithfully in the durability of this material.

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We bring you the best styles in handmade sunglasses, and if you want to buy sunglasses from a collection that invite style and much more. Acquire with confidence and prices that you will not find anywhere else.