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The brand of sunglasses Arnette was born in California during the 90s with the intention of

revolutionize the world of fashion. To this day, we can assure you that he has achieved it. Arnette glasses are especially appreciated by dynamic people and athletes.

Why Arnette sunglasses are a good reference?

The answer is simple. Arnette sunglasses for men and women have large designs that do not neglect their functionality at all. This brand is characterized by the quality of its materials, as well as the care in all its finishes.

We are facing a product specially designed to meet the demands of extreme sports. A sporty style that has managed to reach the urban world thanks to its all-terrain capability.

Polarized Arnette lenses

All the collections of the Arnette brand have polarized crystals in different colors and intensities. Polarized lenses play a very important role in protecting the eyes from sunlight.

A polarized lens is one that contains a vertical filter that:

  • Avoid glare.
  • Reduces eyestrain.
  • Reduces dangerous driving.
  • It offers a greater contrast of colors.
  • Allows better visibility in low light conditions.

Arnette sunglasses block the sunlight that reaches the eyes horizontally, such as reflected in the sea, snow, road and asphalt. However, they allow the passage to vertical light, which is what is used to see clearly and without reflections in all these situations.

In our online store you have at your disposal and with a good price the entire collection of Arnette sunglasses, both for men and women. Don’t miss it!


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