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Nothing better than the brand Bottega Veneta to relive the style of the 40s. The fame of Bottega Veneta is born especially from its accessories made of fur and leather. However, since Gucci took over the company in 2001, the brand has also decided to create fashion and jewelery accessories. That's how we discover it in his fantastic collection of Bottega Veneta sunglasses.

The style of Italy in your glasses Bottega Veneta

Founded in 1967 in Vicenza by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro, its name means "Venetian Workshop". Since its origins, this brand has produced leather goods in a traditional way, developing the technique of intrecciato, a type of fabric based on the intertwining of leather bands, which today is still a sign of brand identity.

At the beginning of the new century, it was taken over by the Gucci group which put at its head Tomas Maier, the one by whom braiding has become an unequivocal distinctive sign.

As for its line of accessories, the Bottega Veneta glasses have a casual look. No prints or risky colors.

At Optimal Optic, we present you a very sober collection. Buying sunglasses Bottega Veneta means buying style and serenity. Do not waste the opportunity of immersing yourself in our online store to let yourself be seduced by the frames and designs of this brand.

Your best Purchase

The price of Bottega Veneta glasses is not comparable with the quality of the product you are going to buy. We are so sure that these glasses will delight you, that we offer you a warranty of up to two years.

Scale frames, combined with metal branches. Glasses with different types of colors to protect you from the sun in various circumstances and brightness, make Bottega Veneta glasses your best buy.


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