Biotrue (Recugel) 10g Gel oftálmico Expand

Biotrue 10g Ophthalmic Gel (Recugel)

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More hydration and lubricity for your eyes. Clear, protected and healthy view.

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Biotrue 10g (formerly Recugel) is an ophthalmic gel to gently treat ocular health problems such as superficial corneal lesions, supportive therapies and the evolution of inflammations.

Biotrue gel allows improving the hydration of the eye to combat eye dryness, irritation or eyestrain and generates a cooling and soothing effect.

This ophthalmic gel contains dexpanthenol. Also called pantothenic acid or vitamin B5, it is a vital component for the human body when it comes to regenerating wounds and scars. For this reason, it has other applications beyond optics.

It is recommended not to apply Biotrue gel with the lenses on.


Lift the tube over the eye, gently hold the lower eyelid and drop a drop in each eye.

COMPOSITION (per 1 gram)

  • Dexpanthenol 50mg
  • Carbomer
  • Disodium edetate
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Water
  • Cetrimide (preservative)

Your visual health is priceless. Biotrue gel allows a faster recovery of superficial lesions in your eye.

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