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Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone

There are 306 products.

The fashion brand Rag & Bone is one of the most prestigious in stores and optics, it stands out for having an incredible line of accessories and glasses, we invite you to know the Rag & Bone sunglasses of Optimal Optic.

Brief history of the brand

The brand was founded in 2002, by Nathan Bogle and Marcus Wainwright with an exclusive launch only for men, but after a few years they would enter the market with launches for women's clothing.

The main idea was born from Wainwright and he wanted to try his luck with a pair of men's jeans, for which he worked in a factory to perfect what would be the first his first product of the brand.

From 2008 subsidiary companies were created, specialized in Footwear and Jeans, reaching the market of accessories such as Rag & Bone sunglasses. The philosophy was to work and characterize each of the products individually; thus ensuring the market with quality products, and that can be seen in each presentation of the Rag & Bone sunglasses arranged in our company./p>

Added values

In 2006 the founders won the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award for the men's category, this was a very important payment, since the prize consisted of a fund of $ 25,000. Capital that they would use to organize a fashion show to continue gaining recognition and prestige.

The following years, thanks to different awards like this, they advanced to become what they are today, a premium fashion brand. More than enough reasons for Us at Optimal Optic to offer only the best, and as experts in the industry, you can trust that we have the golden seal eKomi.

This seal guarantees and certifies both the quality of the products and the veracity of the opinions of the consumers themselves. Take the opportunity and do not leave without your Rag & Bone brand sunglasses with an elegant, cheap and fashionable design.

Sunglasses for all tastes with different types and models

What you always like about sunglasses is the style, and each person has their own, the Rag & Bone sunglasses for men has very varied models, also for children and / or teenagers.

The highlight of all Rag & Bone sunglasses for men are the materials with which they are manufactured, these ensure the durability of these glasses and resistance to suboptimal environments.

Basically in the line of glasses there are distinguished products that combine with countless garments, whether they are the most casual or some in elegant and gala style the Rag & Bone aviator sunglasses or the Rag & Bone round sunglasses are interesting options, which combine with everything. Even if you have an extremely delicate style, the brand's garments and accessories can respond to any of your needs.

A brand that is here to stay

Although the brand does not have a great trajectory or long years within the market, its scope is already of international scale, achieving a good reception in European countries, despite the fact that it is an American brand.

On American soil and in general the Rag & Bone black sunglasses could be said to be like a classic style option, which never ceases to be fashionable. Although it became popular as a company focused on men's fashion, the brand also has models focused on women, such as Rag & Bone tortoise sunglasses and Rag & Bone cat eye sunglasses.