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The Children and young people need a special protection against the sun’s rays. We present you our funny Emoji sunglasses collection for children and young people. Some colorful models with the emoticons that are making our lives.

What is an Emoji

The Emoji is the Japanese word that they use  to designate the images or pictograms that are used to express an emotion, idea, or feeling in the digital media. His fame is so big that the are a part of our day to day.

In point of fact, the tears emoticon was selected of the most used ‘word’ in the year 2015 through the oxford dictionary.

The Emojis have managed to capture the attention from children and adults. And the fashion world did not want to be left behind. Such has been his success that the Emojis have their faithful followers in within many sectors of the fashion and accessories market.

The Emoji generation

We have all of us communicated any time with this friendly faces. The emojis are a trend which has jumped from social networks to the big screen and more recently to the fashion world. A good example are the Emoji Sunglasses from Optimal Optic. The children Emoji Sunglasses are made with the pictures of the most famous Emojis: The Smiley face, the alien, the victory symbol…

This collection for Children has all the characteristics of quality lenses:

  • Resistant materials (polycarbonate) that support the rhythm of life of the smallest.
  • Polarized glasses and with UV400 protection
  • Two years of guarantee.


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