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Police VPL557 0M45

Police Police








20 mm.


145 mm.

63,25 €

(57,50 € VAT excl.)

VAT incl.

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It is the value of myopia (-) or hyperopia (+). It is usually abbreviated as "esf" or "sph".


It is equivalent to the astigmatism that is generally abbreviated as "Cil" or "CyL". If this value does not come in your recipe, choose 0.00.


It only appears when there is a cylinder and can be determined as "eje", "a" or "axis". If it does not appear in your recipe, leave it at 0º.


It is the distance from one of the pupils to the nose. The pupillary distance for normal faces is 32mm; for thin faces of 31mm and for round faces of 33mm.
REDUCTION INDEX 1.5 1.6 1.67 1.74
THICKNESS OF THE LENS Standard Thin Extra Thin Ultra Thin
RECOMMENDED SPHERE From 0.00 to ±2.00 From ±2.25 to ±4.00 From ±4.25 to ±6.00 From ±6.25
RECOMMENDED CYLINDER From 0.00 to ±1.00 From ±1.25 to ±2.00 From ±2.25 to ±3.00 From ±3.25
PRICE 30,00 € 45,00 € 90,00 € 150,00 €
ANTI-REFLECTIVE Reduces reflexes and visual fatigue. In addition, it improves the contrast and are more aesthetic.
UV PROTECTION Protect your eyes from damaging UV rays.
EXTRA HARDNESS With this treatment, we achieve that the surface of the lenses is harder and that it does not scratch easily.




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Brand Police
Type of Glasses Demo
Gender Man
Polarized No
Type Full Mount
Frame Material Acetate
Dipstick Material Acetate
Bridge Size 20
Dipstick Size 145
Base 4
Prescription Si

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