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Boucheron Glasses

Boucheron prescription glasses are pure elegance and exclusivity. Boucheron is recognized for his long career manufacturing jewelry, but now he wants to go one step further by offering his values ​​and styles to the models of prescription glasses. If you want to be the center of attention of all eyes, do not hesitate to choose a model of Boucheron glasses.


The founder of the Boucheron brand was Mr. Frédéric Boucheron, in 1858 he opened his first jewelry store. Among its luxurious range you can find mainly jewelry, but there is also room for perfumes, objects of art, watches and sunglasses and sunglasses.

After the founder's death, the legacy passed to his son making it possible for the brand to expand further reaching places like London, New York or Asia. In 1994, the first glasses collection was launched. Their models of prescription glasses are exclusive for this reason there are few models.


The models of Boucheron prescription glasses are progressive, this allows different visual fields to be seen without noticing any difference between them, this type is called bifocals or trifocals and does not have any dividing line. The price of Boucheron glasses is focused on a type of exclusive sector of the company for its price and exclusivity.

Optimal Optic offers you different models of prescription glasses for women of the exclusive Boucheron brand. Choose the style of cheap Boucheron glasses and be the center of attention. Feel famous when you wear a cat eye style model, or have that elegant touch while sophisticated with the frameless glasses model, for lovers of round and square shapes they also have models.