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The unique solution HY-CARE 360 Ml is a liquid for lenses of cheap and multipurpose without preservatives, indicated for silicone hydrogel lenses and any type of soft contact lens.

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The solution for contact lenses Hy-Care is formulated without preservatives, giving its highest performance in silicone hydrogel contact lenses. The presence in its oxipol agent formula ensures a more wettable lens, so your eyes will feel comfortable when you put on or take off your contact lenses.

Hy-Care lens fluid is an innovative and safe multi-purpose product that allows contact lenses to be worn in a more comfortable way for the maximum recommended usage time. It acts as a cleaning liquid, reducing the adhesion of lipids, proteins and other deposits on the surface of the contact lens. It can even be used as a moisturizing and lubricating agent for the eye while wearing it.

Now you can buy Coopervision Hy-Care lens fluid for a great price. It is a cheap but proven product against eye problems such as dryness, conjunctivitis, itching and redness of eyes.

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